Thursday, October 30, 2008


‘Man is for man’, ‘life is for life’-How much true this sentence I don’t know. If man is for man ; then why hundred of children are in deprive of the light of education? Why people are deprived of their basic right. I am taking Computer and English training from Narijibon Project. Some of our friends collect money from there. Our aim was to go to malibagh relget slums. We had bought 12 packets of biscuits and 24 packets or saline before going there. I had never gone in slums before. There I saw people very nearly. I found there how people is struggling with live for living. There they are spending their life with various problems. Every family has different kinds of sufferings there. Some are divorced, some cannot send their children to the school for want of money, some cannot eat to fulfill their belly. There they are passing their life in a unhygienic environment. There are no good arrangement of water and no advantage of electricity. Can’t we stand beside these helpless people? Can’t we make these people laughing ? I have a dream of a new Bangladesh where every child of Bangladesh will receive their basic right . Where the people will not deprive of their need . Come with us and let’s make a beautiful Bangladesh and engage ourselves for this purpose.

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