Friday, October 10, 2008

A day preserved in my memory

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Life is a combination of many different incidents. In this short life there may be happened unnatural event, that may make crying to people or some memorable events make-us happy. Still such an event is restored in my heart. The day was 14th February in 2008. Many of my dreams have come true in this day. I am a reciter. I work in the Bikuntho group in the center of T.S.C. So many cultural programs are held in SHAID MINNAR during the whole February month. The “Sommilito Sangscritic Jott” called us on 14th February. We performed first at Shahid Minar on 14th February. We were 8 members in our group. We practiced for the last time before gong to start reciting when we steped in the stage for performing at 5p.m then there was language movement in 1952, 21 February, mas people cop in 1069, liberation war were in my mind. I was so much exited at the time of reciting. After reciting I could not express my feelings of joy. That time my feeling was like this:
“Hridoy amar nachere
Ajike Moyur-er moto nach-re
Hridoy nache-re praptir ullash-e”
(“My heart dances
Dances today like peacock
Heart dances in the joy of gain”)
I can not measure gain of this day. On that day the other attraction was the valentines day. So when we started for SHAID MINAR wearing black sharis then people around were very surprised. At last I can say that “ It is the most memorable day in my life. I will never forget it.”

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Romi said...

I never knew Valentine's Day was also celebrated there. How interesting!