Friday, January 23, 2009

Towards the sky

I like the blue sky .I wish if I moving the sky as a bird, then I win the world. I will make a flower bed for the new born baby.

Sweet kodom

I like colorful and delicious sweet. Sweet is my favorite dish. I think everybody should take sweet in everyday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


‘Man is for man’, ‘life is for life’-How much true this sentence I don’t know. If man is for man ; then why hundred of children are in deprive of the light of education? Why people are deprived of their basic right. I am taking Computer and English training from Narijibon Project. Some of our friends collect money from there. Our aim was to go to malibagh relget slums. We had bought 12 packets of biscuits and 24 packets or saline before going there. I had never gone in slums before. There I saw people very nearly. I found there how people is struggling with live for living. There they are spending their life with various problems. Every family has different kinds of sufferings there. Some are divorced, some cannot send their children to the school for want of money, some cannot eat to fulfill their belly. There they are passing their life in a unhygienic environment. There are no good arrangement of water and no advantage of electricity. Can’t we stand beside these helpless people? Can’t we make these people laughing ? I have a dream of a new Bangladesh where every child of Bangladesh will receive their basic right . Where the people will not deprive of their need . Come with us and let’s make a beautiful Bangladesh and engage ourselves for this purpose.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A True Incident

This is Choity here. Recently I completed my honors course. I went to malibagh for computer training. For this, I have to make journey by bus. I went to Gulistan bus stop and then caught the bus of malibagh. Here I want to describe a memorable moment in my life. I and my friend Ratna stayed in Gulistan bus stop. We were waiting for the bus of malibagh. Suddenly a bus was coming. We thought the bus will cross us. But the bus didn't cross us. It was coming quickly towards us. We were so much lucky to be alive. In that moment I thought I was no more. The RAB Officer was behind me. But he did not do any thing. Then I thought where I lived. There is no security of life. Do you have to leave our life in this way?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

তুমি সুন্দর

তুমি সুন্দর
তাইতো প্রিয় তোমার পানে চেয়ে রই
তুমি সুন্দর
দুর নীলিমার মত।

Friday, October 10, 2008

A day preserved in my memory

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Life is a combination of many different incidents. In this short life there may be happened unnatural event, that may make crying to people or some memorable events make-us happy. Still such an event is restored in my heart. The day was 14th February in 2008. Many of my dreams have come true in this day. I am a reciter. I work in the Bikuntho group in the center of T.S.C. So many cultural programs are held in SHAID MINNAR during the whole February month. The “Sommilito Sangscritic Jott” called us on 14th February. We performed first at Shahid Minar on 14th February. We were 8 members in our group. We practiced for the last time before gong to start reciting when we steped in the stage for performing at 5p.m then there was language movement in 1952, 21 February, mas people cop in 1069, liberation war were in my mind. I was so much exited at the time of reciting. After reciting I could not express my feelings of joy. That time my feeling was like this:
“Hridoy amar nachere
Ajike Moyur-er moto nach-re
Hridoy nache-re praptir ullash-e”
(“My heart dances
Dances today like peacock
Heart dances in the joy of gain”)
I can not measure gain of this day. On that day the other attraction was the valentines day. So when we started for SHAID MINAR wearing black sharis then people around were very surprised. At last I can say that “ It is the most memorable day in my life. I will never forget it.”

Tumi ki kebol-e chobi!(Are u only photo)

When I see this photo, then I remember, Robindhro music(Tumi ki kebol-e chobi) are u only photo? Is drawing only paper? I think photo is a total poem. Like poem photo also express joy-pain-love. Eyes can show what ur heart says, photo also says about the talk of our life. This photo is first photo in my photography class. To see this photo , I am satisfied. Because photo is portrait in our life.