Thursday, September 11, 2008

The pride of Proud's father

Nurul Islam is a vegetable-seller. All day a long he used to carry the basket of vegetables to sell it door to doors. There are five members in his family. Mr. Nurul Islam, his parents, his wife and his only son Rafiqul Islam. Nurul Islam bears the educational expenses of his son very hardly. Meanwhile, Rafiqul Islam passed the Higher education exam.

After passing the secondary School certificate Exam he bears his own expenses. Rafiqul teach the students as a tutor. He deposited lump sum from his earning money and left over gives his parents. Besides, his study he learns guitar and sing sung. He has a band group in his locality. He earns extra money by singing in bridal and birthday party. Everybody loves him for his politeness. He attends in the victory day party. After passed B.A he was practicing law. Now he is a lawyer. He might come forward. Nurul Islam becomes proud to see his son's success. By dint of his hard works his son has become a full fledged man. Rafiqul Islam might not be a high official. But Nurul Islam is highly satisfied with the progress of Rafiqul Islam. Rafiqul Islam could satisfy his parents. Rafiqul Islam works hard to see the smile face of his father. I want to give information in my writing that a lot of families are being expenses a lot of money for the bright future of their children. But there are a lot of children which are wasting their times without education and giving bluff their parents.

I want to give information to those friends that their parents are expending money for their children without taking food. So, all should know the pains of the parents to become the active like Rafiqul Islam. They will be able to reach the goal and then becomes the parents will be satisfied.

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